Our Customers

Our Asturi products can be found in the deli department in most national and regional grocery chains. You may also find our delicious products in many of the best Italian specialty stores throughout the country.

From our offices and distribution centers in Florida we strive to provide the best, most innovative and highest quality snack, bakery, and confectionary products to our customers. We constantly travel the world looking for new products and manufacturing partners that will add value and variety to our customers’ product portfolios. We are proud and fortunate that some of the best people in the industry have chosen to call Abraco home. Our team is truly committed to our customers and supplier partners providing the best service in the industry.

Abraco Group, through its subsidiaries, Asturi Fine Foods LLC and BMB Foods LLC, have more than 45 years of extensive experience in the US food industry. Our industry experience has allowed us to develop a large and well-established network of retailers and distributors.

If you would like to find our product at a store nearest you, please contact us at 305-445-2650. You may also email us at info@asturifoods.com.