FocacciBites® CLASSICO Sea Salt

When creating our Organic Asturi® FocacciBites® we drew inspiration from the Mediterranean Diet. It encompasses much more than food preferences; it’s a way of life. Central to the Mediterranean way of life is the notion that food is meant to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family. This simple yet powerful concept was the motivation behind our motto: Live. Love. Snack®. A great addition to charcuterie boards or on their own as a great snack.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic high oleic sunflower oil, Organic wheat flour malt, sea salt (1.5%), yeast, organic rosemary extract (antioxidant), natural olive flavouring (antioxidant).

Contains: Wheat. May contain traces of Sesame seeds and Soy.

Certified Organic by ICEA

• All natural and simple ingredients
• NO Trans Fats, NO Cholesterol 
• No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors/Colorings
• Unique, delicate texture
• Made with non GMO ingredients
• Vegan friendly