Delectable Pear Bruschettini Toppers


1 bag of Asturi Bruschettini, Classic Olive Oil flavor

4 oz. Blue Cheese

2 tsp. milk

1 oz. almonds coarsely chopped, about 23 almonds when whole

1 large pear


Using a paring knife, cut 24 small slices of pear, put aside.

Gather a handful of your almonds, place in food processor and blend. Slowly add more almonds until all have been ground to the desired consistency. Put aside.

In a microwave safe bowl, add blue cheese and pour milk on top. You can use a lactose alternative, like almond milk, but for best flavor and mixture we recommend cow’s milk.

Microwave for 10 seconds or until cheese is soft, adding 5 seconds at a time if needed.

With a fork, mix milk and cheese until creamy.

Spread the blue cheese on Bruschettini.

Place a slice of ripe pear on top.

Sprinkle crushed almonds onto the combination and enjoy your sweet and textured treat.